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Viedo sistēmu operatoru vainojamības modelis

Intelligent Systems Operators’ Culpability Model

Jānis Kārkliņš, Dr. iur.
Latvijas Universitātes Juridiskās fakultātes Civiltiesisko zinātņu katedras profesors

Ritvars Purmalis, Mg. iur.
Latvijas Universitātes Juridiskās fakultātes doktorants

The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the conceptually supported view within European Union so far on the applicability of civil liability to operators and users of artificial intelligence-driven systems in the event that an artificial intelligence-driven system has caused negative consequences (damage) to another person’s legally protected interests. At the same time, particular attention will be paid to issues related to the standard of “due diligence” that must be carried out by intelligent system operators and the possibility to apply (and rebut) the presumption of causation, if the necessary preconditions can be established under the provisions stipulated by the currently proposed regulatory framework. It is undeniable that the use of such systems makes it possible to optimize the performance of a myriad of tasks and to monitor them more effectively as it would be possible, for example, with human supervision, but one thing is clear – there must be certainty about the way in which the allocation of the applicable civil liability takes place, that decision-making bodies of the European Union have committed to ensure, similar to what was done with the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the integrity and limits of processing of personal data within the borders of European Union.

Atslēgvārdi: mākslīgā intelekta vadīta sistēma, viedo sistēmu operators, vainojamības modelis, cēloniskais sakars, pierādīšanas standarts

Keywords: artificial intelligence-driven system, intelligent system operator, fault-based liability, causation, standard of proof

Tiesību ierobežojumu pieļaujamība un attaisnojamība demokrātiskā tiesiskā valstī. Latvijas Universitātes 81. starptautiskās zinātniskās konferences tiesību zinātnes rakstu krājums = Admissibility and Justifiability of Restrictions of Rights in a Democratic State Governed by the Rule of Law. Article collection in legal science, the 81st international scientific conference  of the University of Latvia. Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds, 2023. 432 lpp.