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Civillikuma 1415. pants un tā piemērošanas robežas

Article 1415 of the Civil Law and Its Scope of Application

Kaspars Balodis, Dr. jur.
Latvijas Universitātes Juridiskās fakultātes Civiltiesisko zinātņu katedras profesors

According to the Civil Law of Latvia, Article 1415, an impermissible or indecent action, the purpose of which is contrary to religion, laws or good morals, or which is intended to circumvent the law, may not be the subject-matter of a legal transaction; such a transaction is void. Thus, there are four distinctive groups of unlawful transactions: contrary to law, circumventing the law, contrary to good morals, and contrary to religion. The prohibition of unlawful transactions is a restriction of private autonomy. Sometimes transactions have been wrongly considered as unlawful by Latvian courts only because of minor dubious aspects of a transaction. In order to avoid such mistakes, the scope of application of the Article 1415 must be limited to transactions where the subject-matter of a transaction is unlawful.

Atslēgvārdi: prettiesisks darījums, privātautonomijas ierobežojums, darījuma spēkā neesamība

Keywords: illegal transaction, restriction to private autonomy, invalidity of a transaction

Tiesību ierobežojumu pieļaujamība un attaisnojamība demokrātiskā tiesiskā valstī. Latvijas Universitātes 81. starptautiskās zinātniskās konferences tiesību zinātnes rakstu krājums = Admissibility and Justifiability of Restrictions of Rights in a Democratic State Governed by the Rule of Law. Article collection in legal science, the 81st international scientific conference  of the University of Latvia. Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds, 2023. 432 lpp.