Kontratabulārais, ekstratabulārais un tabulārais ieilgums Latvijas civiltiesībās

Contra Tabular, Extra Tabular and Tabular Prescription in Latvian Civil Law

https://doi.org/10.22364/iscflul.8.1.20 | 232–242 | PDF

Erlens Kalniņš, Dr. iur.
Latvijas Universitātes Juridiskās fakultātes docents

Atslēgvārdi: kontratabulārais, ekstratabulārais un tabulārais ieilgums, īpašuma tiesības iegūšanas brīdis, labticīgu trešo personu aizsardzība

Keywords: contra tabular, extra tabular and tabular prescription, the moment of acquisition of property rights, protection of bona fide third parties

The current paper deals with the provision of Article 1024 of the Civil Code, which directly regulates the acquisition by prescription of the right of ownership over immovable property that is not registered in the Land Register in the name of the acquirer (contra tabular prescription), furthermore, this article is also applicable to the acquisition of immovable property by means of prescription, even if the respective immovable property is not registered in the Land Register (extra tabular prescription). When all the statutory conditions for prescription have been fulfilled, in accordance with the Article 1024 of the Civil Code the acquirer does not acquire the right of ownership, but instead – only a legal possibility to demand the recognition and confirmation of his property rights in the Land Register. However, in the case of tabular prescription, if all the statutory preconditions are met, including the ten-year prescription period provided for in Article 1024 of the Civil Law, the acquirer acquires property rights on the basis of law, because the immovable property is already registered in the Land Register in his name.