Publication Schedule: One volume is published annually in two issues, with one released by August and the other by the end of the year.

Submission Process: Articles are to be submitted to the editorial board via email at

Review Timeline: Reviewers are expected to prepare their reviews within four weeks of receiving the manuscript. If necessary, this timeframe may be extended by two weeks.

Author Revision Period: Upon receiving the review, authors have two weeks to make improvements to their article. This timeframe may also be extended by two weeks if needed. The improved version of the article is then reviewed and approved by the reviewers. The editor facilitates communication between authors and anonymous reviewers and may consult with the editorial board when making decisions.

Layout Preparation: Once the review process is complete and the article is approved, it is submitted to the University of Latvia Press for layout preparation. Authors are asked to approve the layout and suggest any necessary corrections.

Publishing fees

No fees are charged for the reviewing process and publication.