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Intervention in Speech Therapy in Reducing Phonological Insufficiency in Preschool Children

Ilze Vilka
University of Latvia, Latvia

Abstract. This research examines the possibilities of promoting the development of phonemic perception among children of preschool age with phonemic insufficiency. Phonemic insufficiency is a complex and difficult disorder; in such cases, therefore, a specialist carries out an in-depth evaluation of a child’s speech development and language acquisition, which allows them to determine a precise program of speech therapy using the necessary correction methods and techniques, including games.
The aim of the present study is first, to investigate theoretically and evaluate practically the possibilities of promoting phonological perception in children with phonological insufficiency using a collection of games created by the author; and second, to gather expert opinion to substantiate the efficiency of these games in interventions.
The research was carried out using a literature review, speech and language therapist survey, an analysis of expert opinion of the developed games, and speech therapy sessions to improve phonological perception in pre-school children with phonological insufficiency.
Results. Forty-nine children aged five and six years old with phonological insufficiency were involved in the empirical stage of the study, namely speech therapy sessions over a period of six months. An initial and a follow-up assessment of phonological perception were carried out and showed dynamic growth for all participants. The results of the speech and language therapist survey revealed that speech therapists included the presented games in interventions and viewed them as relevant and effective instruments to reduce phonological insufficiency. The comments by experts selected from among the survey respondents on the games created by the author indicate that they are relevant and effective instruments in phonological insufficiency reduction.

Keywords: game, intervention, preschool children, phonological insufficiency, phonological awareness

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