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Changes in the Mathematics Curriculum for Grades 10–12 in Latvia

Maruta Avotiņa, Agnese Zīlīte
Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry of the University of Latvia, Latvia

Abstract. In the school year 2021/2022 in all schools and for all grades in Latvia ends the gradual transition from the previous mathematics standard (that was used since year 2008) to the new mathematics standard. This standard is developed within the ESF project “Competence Approach to Curriculum (School 2030)”. The mathematics subject in the secondary school is divided into two parts: Mathematics I (optimal level for every secondary school student) and Mathematics II (advanced level for secondary school students who plan to study exact sciences at the university). The final exam also is different and will focus not only on solving problems but also on the correct use of mathematical language and justification. These changes also have effect on the learning process, now emphasis is on the competency-based learning that will provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for modern life.
The aim of our study is to compare standards, curricula, and final exams to analyse the differences in mathematics content for grades 10–12. The method used in this article is document analysis as documentary research as well as analysis of pupils’ results in final mathematics exams.
As the education system in Latvia is in the process of transition, it is important to understand how the changes might affect pupils’ knowledge and skills in mathematics.

Keywords: competency-based education, education system in Latvia, mathematics curriculum, mathematics for Grade 10–12, mathematics final exam, project School2030, secondary education standard

About the authors

Maruta Avotiņa and Agnese Zīlīte are lecturers at the University of Latvia at the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry and researchers at the Correspondence Mathematics School at the University of Latvia that coordinates mathematical olympiad activities in Latvia.
The science interest fields are teaching mathematics, modern elementary mathematics, mathematical olympiads and work with gifted pupils. To keep in close touch with current novelties at school, authors work at school in regular classes, as well as with gifted pupils and teachers of mathematics.

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