Human, Technologies and Quality of Education, 2020 = Cilvēks, tehnoloģijas un izglītības kvalitāte, 2020
Rīga, Latvijas Universitāte, 2020. 297 p.
Editor Linda Daniela
ISBN 978-9934-18-623-3


In 2020, the International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia (UL) was organized for the 78th time to provide a platform where it is possible to discuss the latest discoveries in science and new research ideas, share the results of various research projects, and demonstrate the achievements of creative innovations.



Manuel Joaquín Fernández González, Svetlana Surikova, Tamara Pigozne. Adaptation of a Teacher Training Programme for Character Education to the Latvian Context

Inta Krauja-Kindzule. Literacy of Biology Teachers on Supportive Measures During the Biology Learning Process for Primary School Students with Learning Disabilities

Iveta Ķestere, Baiba Kaļķe. Learning National Identity Outside the Nation-State: the Story Of Latvian Primers (Mid-1940s – Mid-1970s)

Sarmīte Tubele, Kristīne Serova. The Methods nd Materials for Promoting Reading Literacy Skills for 6 to 7 Year Old Children

Dita Nīmante, Liene Ekša. Inclusion of a Child With a Hearing Impairment in a Mainstream School, Single Case Study

Ilze Briška, Gunta Siliņa-Jasjukeviča. Cultural Aspects of Sustainable Development in Teacher Education

Anita Auziņa. Smart Learning of Future English Language Teachers: Students’ Time Management and Performance in an Online Course

Evija Latkovska, Endija Zustrupa. Differentiated Activities in the Context of Inclusive Education to Enhance the Acquisition of the English Language at Primary School

Jans Ivans Ignatssons, Indra Odina. State of the Art Analysis and Professional Needs Identification in Vocational Training Design for Eurasian Prison Chaplains

Ilze Šūmane, Līga Āboltiņa. Students’ Readiness to Implement Inclusive Education in Preschools

Rihards Parandjuks. Trends in Development of Physical Ability of Students Without Prior Athletic Training

Ligita Stramkale, Laila Timermane. Primary School Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Skills in Music Lessons

Sarmīte Tūbele. Mobile Learning Games for Dyslexic Young Adults

Rihards Erdmanis. Legal Aspects of Parental Responsibility in the Education of a Child

Dace Daliņa, Vēsma Ozoliņa. Problems of Group Management in Preschool Music Lessons and Possible Solutions

Elena N. Letiagina, Valentina I. Perova, Alexander V. Gutko, Elena A. Orlova. Research of Youth Sports in the Russian Federation as a Factor of Human Capital Formation Using Neural Networks

Rasa Iesalniece, Agnese Gromova-Ķūrena. Methodological Materials for Inclusive Education – Research Opportunities

Olga Skvorcova, Anna Stavicka, Indra Odiņa. Subjective Well-Being of International Students in Latvian Higher Education Institutions