Taisnīga kriminālprocesa norise ārkārtas situācijā

Fair Criminal Proceedings in Emergency Situation

https://doi.org/10.22364/iscflul.8.1.16 | 189–198 | PDF

Oskars Kulmanis, Mg. iur.
Latvijas Universitātes Juridiskā fakultāte

Atslēgvārdi: tiesības uz taisnīgu tiesu, pušu līdztiesība, sacīkstes process

Keywords: right to fair trial, equality of arms, adversarial proceedings

The global spread of Covid-19 virus has significantly affected the continuous operation of courts in criminal proceedings and spurred changes to justice systems. The court system of Republic of Latvia is no exception. Since the adoption of Law on the Management of the Spread of Covid-19 Infection, securing a fair trial in criminal proceedings has been a great challenge. The paper addresses proportionality of use of written procedure as one of the main procedural forms to try a criminal case in court of appeal.