Tiesas procesa izspēles kā vērtīgs mācību uzdevums tiešsaistes studiju vidē: izaicinājumi un iespējas

Moot Courts as a Valuable Learning Exercise in Online Study Environment: Challenges and Opportunities

https://doi.org/10.22364/iscflul.8.1.05 | 54–63 | PDF

Laura Ratniece, PhD
Rīgas Juridiskās augstskolas docente

Atslēgvārdi: tiesas procesa izspēles, mācību uzdevumi, tiešsaistes studiju vide

Keywords: moot courts, learning exercises, online learning environment

This article focuses on moot courts as a valuable learning exercise in online study environment, outlining challenges and opportunities thereof. It also provides a short overview of online learning environment and the connection between learning exercises and learning outcomes. The key idea proposed by the article is that the fact that a study process takes place online does not change the intended learning outcomes. It is therefore necessary to use such learning exercises that would be effective in online environment, as well. A moot court is a learning exercise of this kind.