Compendium II includes the papers presented at the 8th International Conference “New Legal Reality: Challenges and Perspectives”.
The multitude of Latvian and foreign scholars who attended the Conference – excellently organized despite the complexity of the unusual format imposed by the pandemic – confirms the international mission of the Faculty of Law. Its biennial Conference has become a “regular round” for legal scholars from Europe and the rest of the world, in which issues and innovative regulations are discussed and exchanged. Forum, sections, speeches and now – the published pages reflect the main challenges of our societies at large. Different perspectives and various thoughts address the function of the rules in keeping values and principles alive and adequate for a fair and sustainable human development which today, more than ever, must consider the limited resources of our planet and the unknown technological horizons. These thoughts express the beauty of comparative law.
The present Compendium explores a wide and intriguing landscape of the several Conference sections with topics and issues ranging from the protection of rights in the era of pandemics to private and public interests under the Rule of Law; from human rights in the EU and Public International Law framework to the current challenges of EU arising in Private Law; from issues of Criminal Law to the first regulations in the digital world.
A variety of fields are brilliantly covered by the authors who have emphasized the complexity of our societies and economies, the challenges that they pose to legal science, therefore the suitability and rationality of regulation. The European Union and the international legal order represent the legal space, where normative solutions take place. A steady circulation of ideas, concepts and proposals is increasingly needed to foster better regulation. Never before in the history of humankind the genius of the rules has been so decisive.
Following the path of developing legal thought, the University of Latvia Faculty of Law is doing a magnificent job and we must all be proud of being part of it.

Carlo Amatucci
University of Naples Federico II