The Interaction Between Algorithmic Transparency and Legality: Personal Data Protection and Patent Law Perspectives | Pages 400-408 | PDF

Liva Rudzite, Mg. iur., doctoral degree candidate
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tartu, Estonia

Aleksei Kelli, Dr. iur., Professor
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tartu, Estonia

Keywords: artificial intelligence, transparency, data protection, patent

Artificial Intelligence and its sub-field Machine Learning in the European Union has been directed as one of the political priorities towards the augmentation of human prosperity. However, due to its characteristics, for instance, the “black-box” problem, AI may pose challenges within the existing legal framework.
The article focuses on analysing the legality of algorithmic transparency in two fields in the EU- data protection (obligation to provide information to the data subject) and under the criteria of “sufficient disclosure” of the patent legal framework – to improve legal clarity concerning the issue.