Permissibility of Pregnancy Termination – the Legal Reality in Poland After the Ruling of Constitutional Tribunal K 1/20 | Pages 236-246 | PDF

Monika Gizynska, Dr. iur.
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

Keywords: permissibility of pregnancy termination in Poland, constitutional guarantees of the legal protection of human life, abortion, ruling of Constitutional Tribunal K 1/20

The article presents selected issues related to constitutional guarantees for the legal protection of a child's life in the prenatal period in the event of a collision of rights. The author analyses the problem concerning the legal status of a child in the prenatal phase of life, as well as acceptability and bounds of terminating pregnancy. The author examines the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal in Poland of 22 October 2020 held that prenatal examinations or other medical data indicate a high probability of serious and irreversible disability of the foetus or an incurable life-threatening disease, was contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.