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IDEO Workbook in English Lessons: A Fit Analysis to Skola2030 Transversal Skills

Ieva Margeviča-Grinberga, Anna Sidorova
University of Latvia, Latvia

Abstract. The concept of transversal skills is a crucial element in competency-based approach in Latvia, which is specified in project Skola2030 and gradually has been approbated since 2017 in schools in Latvia. Teachers were provided with the methodological tools to practise these skills successfully, however, there are still struggles in this field. The objective of the research was to demonstrate the evidence regarding whether the principles of IDEO workbook are appropriate (‘fits’) Latvian educational context, particularly, the notion of Skola2030 transversal skills. Based on fit and feasibility theory this work addressed the research question: ‘How does the design of IDEO workbook’s skill set fit to the transversal skills of Skola2030 methodological tool in English lessons?’ The examination used statistical descriptive frequency analysis of the transversal skills of each document and comparative analysis between the two document sets included in each of them, using Excel software. The results show that the Skola2030 methodological tool for teachers on transversal skills in language areas stresses critical thinking, collaboration, and digital skills, whereas IDEO workbook underlines critical thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship, and self-directed learning. The high fit of both documents suggests that the adaptation of the IDEO workbook in the schools of Latvia could considerably enrich the Skola2030 educational offer. Suggestions for the improvement of the IDEO workbook and its adaptation are put forward.

Keywords: English as a Foreign Language, fit and feasibility analysis, Hexagon tool, IDEO workbook, Skola2030, transversal skills

To Be or Not to Be a Great Educator, 2022. Proceedings of ATEE Annual Conference
Riga: University of Latvia Press, 2023. 985 p.
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