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Teachers with Different Educational Background and Their Self-Efficacy

Martin Fico
Masaryk University, Faculty of Education, Department of Education

Abstract. The presented text responds to the repeated opening of the topic of qualification prerequisites for the teaching profession. The aim of the work is to measure and compare teachers‘ self-efficacy among teachers with different educational backgrounds. The main research question is how preparation for the teaching profession is mirrored in teacher self-efficacy. The research sample in this study consists of Czech teachers (n = 377) with different educational backgrounds (teachers’ educational programs from faculties of education, faculties of sciences, faculties of arts) also included those who have not pedagogical qualification (they have degree from university but not in teachers program). Quantitative measurement of teacher self-efficacy took place through the adapted Norwegian teacher self-efficacy scale (NTSES) for the Czech Republic, whose internal structure was verified by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and reliability measure by McDonald’s Omega and Cronbach’s Alpha. Statistical procedures used for data analysis were t-tests and ANOVA tests. The results in the text represent partial results from an ongoing research and suggest that teacher self-efficacy may be related to teachers’ educational background and that Czech version of NTSES is fit to be used for another measure of teacher self-efficacy in the Czech educational environment. Bigger and more representative sample is needed for the further research for more evidence of possible effect of educational background to teachers‘ self-efficacy.

Keywords: adapted research tool, confirmatory factor analysis, NTSES, self-efficacy, teaching programmes, teaching qualification

To Be or Not to Be a Great Educator, 2022. Proceedings of ATEE Annual Conference
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