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Pedagogical Entrepreneurship in Teacher Education Curricula. Comparison of Latvian and Finnish Teacher Education Programs 

Agnese Slišāne1, Heidi Hyytenen2
University of Latvia, Latvia
2 University of Helsinki, Finland

Abstract. Earlier research has shown that teachers do not feel sufficiently prepared to develop entrepreneurial competences in the classroom, both theoretically and practically, and that the lack of pedagogical entrepreneurship competences hinders the development of entrepreneurial skills in the learning processes. The aim of this study is to analyse the extent to which entrepreneurial skills are emphasised in current teacher preparation programs and to identify differences between Latvian and Finnish educational programs. Curricula and course outlines from five teacher education programs in two different contexts were analysed. Deductive qualitative content analysis was based on 14 pedagogical entrepreneurship components identified in the previous studies. The results indicate that there are major differences between the programs how entrepreneurial skills were emphasised in the curricula and course outlines. In the data from Latvia, 10 from 14 components of pedagogical entrepreneur were acknowledged fully or partly at least in one of the four programs’ curricula and course outlines. In addition, four components were not identified in any of the programs’ curricula. In contrast, in the Finnish teacher education program, all 14 components of pedagogical entrepreneurship were acknowledged fully or partly in the analysed curriculum and course outlines. This bears consequences for what kind of opportunities to learn pedagogical entrepreneurship students have during their teacher education studies. Based on the research findings, more attention should be paid to entrepreneurship competences in teacher education curricula.

Keywords: entrepreneurship competences, entrepreneurial skills, pedagogical entrepreneurship, teacher curricula, teacher education pedagogy

About the authors

Heidi Hyytinen, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at the Centre for University Teaching and Learning in University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on generic skills, performance-based assessment, self-regulation, and pedagogy in higher education. Hyytinen has authored over 40 publications and her research work has been funded, for instance, by Ministry of Education and Culture, and the European Union. Hyytinen has led and co-led several national and international research projects on higher education.

Agnese Slišāne, Bachelor in engineering economics and entrepreneurship, Riga Technical University. Mg.Ed., research assistant and Ph.D. candidate of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology, and Art, at the University of Latvia. Her research interests are pedagogical entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurial behaviour in the context of education, and entrepreneurial teachers or teacherpreneurs. 10 years of experience working in a school as a teacher of entrepreneurship and economics, author of methodological materials and teacher trainer. Scientific cooperation in developing the dissertation research part with the University of Helsinki.

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