MagnetoHydroDynamics – the journal of Institute of Physics, University of Latvia concerned with fundamental and applied problems of magnetohydrodynamics of incompressible media including magnetic fluids.
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MagnetoHydroDynamics (Archive)




L. Goldsteins, L. Buligins, Y. Fautrelle
Stalling instability of annular linear induction pumps

V. B. Oshurko, A. M. Mandel, K. G. Solomakho, V. N. Lednev
nduced crystallization principle for rapid 3D printing of steel melts

V. M. Polunin, P. A. Ryapolov, A. I. Zhakin, A. M. Ivanov, E. V. Shel’deshova
Magnetoviscous effect in case of magnetic fluid oscillations in strong magnetic field

A. V. Proskurin, A. M. Sagalakov
Spectral/hp element MHD solver


S. Yu. Khripchenko, R. R. Siraev, S. A. Denisov, V. M. Dolgikh, I. V. Kolesnichenko
Liquid metal flow exposed to modulated travelling and rotating magnetic fields in a cylindrical crucible

S. Yu. Khripchenko, R. R. Siraev, S. A. Denisov, V. M. Dolgikh, I. V. Kolesnichenko
Influence of the position of the MHD stirrer relative to the crucible on the driven liquid metal flow

A. Simonovskii, I. Chuenkova
Phase transformations in steels under controlled quenching in magnetic fluid

I. Teplyakov, D. Vinogradov, Yu. Ivochkin, A. Kharicha, P. Serbin
Applicability of different MHD approximations in electrovortex flow simulation

V. N. Zaichenko, I. A. Slobodyanyuk, I. A. Rusetskii
MHD effect under the interaction of external magnetic field with electrolytic hydrogen and oxygen bubbles

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