Baltic Journal of English Language, Literature and Culture, Volume 11 (PDF)
Riga: University of Latvia, 2021. 176 pages.
ISSN 1691‑9971 (Print)
ISSN 2501-0395 (Online)

Editor-in-Chief: Andrejs Veisbergs (University of Latvia)
Managing editor: Monta Farneste (University of Latvia)

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Vineta Apse, Monta Farneste. Challenges and Opportunities of English Grammar Acquisition by Distance at the Tertiary Level

Jekaterina Čerņevska. Time Deixis in Engineering Discourse

Ina Druviete. Language as a Value in a Pragmatic World: Global and National Approach

Vita Kalnbērziņa, Indra Karapetjana. Assessment of Academic Staff Performance in English Medium Instruction

Indra Karapetjana, Gunta Roziņa. Metaphoric Conceptualization of Social Reality in the Language of News Media

Jana Kuzmina, Zigrīda Vinčela. Technology-Enhanced Course in English Theoretical Grammar and Phonetics at Tertiary Level

Anastasija Ropa. Intertextuality and Arthurian Women in David Lodge’s Small World (1984)

Andreia Irina Suciu, Mihaela Culea. From Defoe to Coetzee’s Foe/Foe through Authorship

Andrejs Veisbergs. The Latvian Translation Scene at the Beginning of the 20th Century