Viesturs Pauls Karnups. The Little Country That Could: Latvian Economic Relations and Foreign Trade with Various Countries in the Interwar Period. Riga: University of Latvia Press, 2022. 264 p.

Professor Aivars Stranga, Dr. habil. hist., University of Latvia;
Dr. Hans Jörgensen, Senior Lecturer / Researcher, Umeå University, Sweden;
Professor Inna Romānova, Dr. oec., University of Latvia

The book is published under author's own editorship.

© Viesturs Pauls Karnups, 2022
© University of Latvia, 2022

ISBN 978-9934-18-785-8
ISBN 978-9934-18-786-5 (PDF)

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Latvia between the wars was a small open economy on the periphery of Europe. Latvia had not only to contend with the necessity of rebuilding an economy shattered by war, but also with the loss of the former Russian market and hence a need to completely re-orientate its economy to Europe and the rest of the world. Despite Rīga being one of the largest industrial centres of Tsarist Russia before World War One, Latvia had to restructure its economy to one based on agriculture and forestry and was throughout the interwar years highly dependent upon agricultural and forestry product exports as the mainstay of her foreign trade.

Chapter One. British India
Chapter Two. Australia
Chapter Three. South Africa
Chapter Four. Mandated Palestine
Chapter Five. Finland
Chapter Six. Denmark
Chapter Seven. Norway
Chapter Eight. Sweden
Chapter Nine. Japan
Chapter Ten. Brazil
Chapter Eleven. United States of America
Chapter Twelve. Turkey
Chapter Thirteen. Poland
Chapter Fourteen. Portugal
Chapter Fifteen. Spain
Chapter Sixteen. Yugoslavia
Chapter Seventeen. China
Chapter Eighteen. Other Countries
Chapter Nineteen. Latvia as an Entrepôt prior to WW1
Chapter Twenty. A Fragment from the Beginnings of Latvian-Norwegian Economic Relations
Chapter Twenty-one. Latvia and Hitler’s Germany 1933–1940
Chapter Twenty-two. The 1936 Devaluation of the Lat and Latvian Foreign Trade
Chapter Twenty-three. Latvian Economic Links to Great Britain 1939/1940
Kopsavilkums latviešu valodā. Maza valsts, kas spēja: Latvijas ekonomiskās attiecības un starptautiskā tirdzniecība ar atsevišķām pasaules valstīm starpkaru periodā