Human, Technologies and Quality of Education, 2018 = Cilvēks, tehnoloģijas un izglītības kvalitāte, 2018
Rīga, Latvijas Universitāte, 2018. 222 lpp.
Editor Linda Daniela
ISBN 978-9934-18-400-0

Every year the University of Latvia (UL) organizes a conference devoted to topical research trends and the 76th UL international scientific conference took place in 2018. The work is organized in 12 sections according to UL priority research trends and one of the conference topics is “Human, Technologies and Quality of Education”



Antoņina Jemeļjanenko. Risk Management in the Educational Sector of Latvia

Baiba Brigmane. Components of the Pedagogical Work at the University

Jekaterina Srebnaja, Anna Stavicka. Web-based Projects to Develop Transversal Skills in Secondary School

Paula Gorobeca. Professional Identity Formation Process of a Dance Teacher

Anne Lise Wie. The Language Jungle: Speech training in a natural learning arena

Juris Porozovs, Alvis Valdemiers. Assessing the opinions of pedagogical specialities students on the use of distance learning

Kristaps Lūkins. Assessment in Maritime Education by Students’ Mutual Collaboration

Māra Urdziņa-Deruma, Mārīte Kokina-Lilo, Gunta Treimane, Lolita Šelvaha. Latvian Public Opinion on the Quality of Home Economics and Technologies

Sandra B. Sebre, Anika Miltuze, Mihails Limonovs. Maladaptive Cognitions, Hyperactivity and Inconsistent Parenting as Risk Factors of Adolescent Problematic Internet Use

Yan Lu. Curriculum Development Model for the Latvian Language and Latvia Studies Program in China

Anita Auziņa. Teacher Educators as Participants of International Projects: Experience, Challenges and Opportunities for the Development of Teacher Education

Normunds Rečs. The Role of a Headmaster in the Era of Public Governance

Daiga Celmiņa. Imagination as Part of Literature Study Process in Secondary School Level

Jānis Skābardis, Andrejs Gluščuks, Ilvis Ābeļkalns. Analysis and Use of Physical Characteristic Tests in the Training Process for Football Players of Different Ages

Guntars Bernāts. Contribution of Orchestra Conductors to Development of Latvian Symphony Orchestra Conducting School Since the Beginning of the 20th Century and Until the End of the World War II

Ilvis Abelkalns. Specific Features of Football Class in General Education Schools

Antra Ozola, Andris Grinfelds. The Relation of the ICT Use Patterns with Students’ Reading Literacy Achievement in IEA PIRLS and OECD PISA

Manuel Joaquín Fernández González, Tamāra Pīgozne, Svetlana Surikova, Ļubova Vasečko. Vocational Education Institution Leaders’ Virtues and Educational Leadership Profile in Latvia: a Personality Perspective of Education Quality