1. Work (business cards, booklets, posters, article collections, books of theses, doctoral summaries, book manuscripts, etc.) is submitted to the University of Latvia Press by emailing a completed Work submission form (see link to download below) and files to the address apgads@lu.lv.
  2. The text must be submitted in MS Word format. Images included in the text must additionally be submitted as separate high resolution files (e.g., jpg, .eps, .pdf, .tiff); diagrams, charts, etc. must be submitted in an editable format (e.g., .pdf, Excel).
  3. Only the fields related to the execution of the particular order must be filled in the Work submission form.
  4. Within one to three working days (depending on the amount of required work and complexity of the order) the University of Latvia Press evaluates the submitted materials and informs the customer in writing about the completeness of the submitted materials, missing or incompletely prepared materials, assesses the possibilities to fulfil the order within the timeframe indicated by the customer, as well as prepares a cost estimate for the execution of the specific order.
  5. The customer reviews the evaluation of the order received from the University of Latvia Press, if necessary, specifies or supplements it, as well as adjusts the timeframe of the order execution and the cost estimate. The estimate is signed by the head of the structural unit or the executive director, or by the project manager, who has been granted the right to approve the use of financial resources in accordance with the procedures established by the University of Latvia. 
  6. The University of Latvia Press commences to work on the order after receiving and approving the signed estimate; it is a confirmation that the work has been accepted for execution. The Director of the University of Latvia Press informs the customer in writing within one working day.
  7. If the customer wishes to revoke the order after its execution has been commenced by the University of Latvia Press, the customer records the stage of execution of the order, receives a partially completed work with the corresponding Acceptance Certificate and pays for the actually performed work. 
  8. If during the execution of the order any significant additions, clarifications or amendments to the planned scope of work or types of work occur, these changes are mutually agreed upon in writing with the Director of the University of Latvia Press, reflecting them in adjusted cost estimate and deadlines.

Work submission form