The author has many important issues to consider when preparing the text for publication. These are further summarized in the form of suggestions to help to elaborate the publication and prepare the manuscript for submission to the publisher.

1. The purpose of the work must be clearly understood/formulated: what does the author want to say and to whom the work is addressed (this determines the complexity of the language, the use of terms).

2. The structure of work must be planned:

  • publishing information (scientific reviewers, decisions on preparing the work for publication, information about supporters, etc. as needed);
  • foreword and/or introduction;
  • layout of the main text (breadth of chapters, levels of headings, style of bibliographic references and citation style, illustrative materials);
  • conclusion (summary, appendices, alphabetical indexes), etc.

3. If other authors are involved, the structure of the work must be agreed upon: how long the chapters are, how many level headings, what the text design will be like (font type and size, plain text or text with an example, definition, scheme, etc.), citation style, texts explaining images and charts/tables.

4. Remember about copyright (images, data, quotes, etc.). If necessary, copyright licenses, agreements, and other issues should be resolved in a timely manner.

5. Table of contents must be prepared.

6. An appropriate system of bibliographic references and citation should be chosen.

7. All foreign words used, especially proper names, must be reproduced very carefully and precisely. If the author does not know how to reproduce the name and surname of a foreign author in Latvian, it must be left in the original script (or in English).

8. The text should be written according to the developed plan, using simple technical means in the traditional way, the tables should also be created in MS Word program (tables should not be copied from sources in the form of images – in a format that cannot be edited; it is not recommended to include separately devised text blocks in the MS Word format text).

9. If the images are used in the manuscript, they will additionally have to be submitted to the publisher as separate high resolution files (e.g., .jpg, .eps, .pdf, .tiff, .png); charts, graphs, etc. must be submitted in an editable format (e.g., .pdf, Excel).

10. It is advisable to consider in advance the ideas for the visual design of the cover of the publication.

11. If the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) code is intended to be assigned to the work (also to the article), good academic practice calls for indicating DOI of the other sources in the bibliographic references when creating the index of literature, if it has been assigned.

12. Before submitting the manuscript to the publishers, everything written must be once more read carefully!

Questions that have arisen in the course of work after preparation and submission of the manuscript to the publishers, can be solved together with the editor of the UL Press, who will readily listen to the author and is delighted with successful cooperation!