The person responsible for compiling article collection must coordinate the work of all the authors involved and prepare a joint manuscript for submission to the publisher.

1. The structure of the collection of articles should be considered and guidelines developed (or the authors' attention should be drawn to a previously developed article collection) to ensure that all submitted articles follow a common style and are based on a uniform principle:

  • levels of headings,
  • information about the author,
  • annotations,
  • keywords,
  • principle of compiling a list of references and citation,
  • required parts of the article in a foreign language, etc.

2. Articles submitted by authors should be carefully evaluated to ensure that their scientific and publication quality is sufficient for publication.

3. The cooperation between the scientific editor and the authors, as well as the incorporation of corrections into the manuscript of the article must be coordinated.

4. The collaboration of the language editor or proof reader and the author in coordinating revisions should be supported.

5. The cooperation with the publishing staff during the creation of the work must be ensured, and the work prepared for printing must be checked and approved.