Datorzinātne un informācijas tehnoloģijas. 672. sējums

Databases and Information Systems. Volume 672 PDF file (7,4 MB)   Contents  

Conference Committee PREFACE DB TECHNOLOGIES Edgar Jasper, Nerissa Tong, Peter Mc.Brien, Alexandra Poulovassilis
Generating and Optimising Views from Both as View Data Integration Rules Hui Ma, Klaus-Dieter Schewe
A Heuristic Approach to Horizontal Fragmentation in Object Oriented Databases Vojtech Vestenicky
Successful Database Integration through View Cooperation Dirk Kukulenz
Optimization of continuous queries by regular inference Juliusz Jezierski, Tadeusz Morzy
Competition-based Query Execution in Web Environment Lauri Pietarinen, Boris Novikov
Enhancing Hierarchical Queries in Relational Databases with the Nested Set Representation M. A. Pastor, M. Celma-Gimenez, L. Mota-Herranz
Automatic Generation of Minimal and Safe Transactions in Conceptual Database Design   DB APPLICATIONS Thomas Heimrich
An Output Schema for Multimedia Data in Multimedia Database Systems Oleg Proskurnin
Concurrent Video: Operational Extensions Anna Kozlova, Dmitry Kochnev, Boris Novikov
The Middleware Support for Consistency in Distributed Mobile Applications   XML AND DATABASES Jaroslav Pokorny, Vladimir Rejlek
A Matrix Model for XML Data Abdelsalam Almarimi, Jaroslav Pokorny
Querying Heterogeneous Distributed XML Data Andrey Simanovsky
Evolution of Schema of XML-documents Stored in a Relational Database   DATA MINING AND DATA WAREHOUSING Jozef Zurada, Subhash Lonial
Application of Data Mining Methods for Bad Debt Recovery in the Healthcare Industry Bartosz Bļbel, Robert Wrembel, Bogdan Czejdo
Storage Structures for Sharing Data in Multiversion Data Warehouse Mireille Samia, Stefan Conrad
From Temporal Data Mining and Web Mining To Temporal Web Mining Perttu Laurinen, Lauri Tuovinen, Eija Haapalainen, Heli Junno, Juha Roening, Dietmar Zettel
Managing and Implementing the Data Mining Process Using a Truly Stepwise Approach Juergen M. Janas
Association Rule Mining Meets Functional Dependencies: The AP-FD Algorithm Marek Wojciechowski, Maciej Zakrzewicz
Data Mining Query Scheduling for Apriori Common Counting Riadh Ben Messaoud, Sabine Rabaseda, Omar Boussaid, Fadila Bentayeb
OpAC: A New OLAP Operator Based on a Data Mining Method Laila Niedrite, Liga Grundmane
Controlling access to Data Warehouse data within the database   SPECIFICATIONS Henrikas Pranevicius, Germanas Budnikas
Use of Knowledge Engineering Techniques for Creation and Analysis of Aggregate Specifications Albertas Caplinskas, Jelena Gasperovic
A Taxonomy of Characteristics to evaluate specification languages   MODEL TRANSFORMATIONS Audris Kalnins, Janis Barzdins, Edgars Celms
Model Transformation Language MOLA: Extended Patterns Lina Ceponiene, Lina Nemuraite
Design Independent Modeling of Information Systems Using UML and OCL Sergejus Sosunovas, Olegas Vasilecas
Transformation of business rules models in information systems development process Irina Astrova
Reverse Engineering of Relational Databases to Object Databases Karlis Podnieks
MDA: Correctness of Model Transformations - The Level M0 Phenomenon Guntis Barzdins
MDA as a Telecommunications Network Documentation Tool   ONTOLOGIES Patrick Lambrix, He Tan
Merging DAML+OIL Ontologies Hele-Mai Haav
Combining FCA and a Logic Language for Ontology Representation Sari Hakkarainen, Lillian Hella, Stine Tuxen, Guttorm Sindre
Evaluating the Quality of Web-Based Ontology Building Methods: A Framework and a Case Study   INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND SECURITY Tarmo Robal, Ahto Kalja
e-EDU - An information system for e-learning services Carmen Costilla, M. Jose Rodriguez, Juan P. Palacios, Jose Cremades, Antonio Calleja, Raul Fernandez
A Contribution to Web Digital Archive Integration from the Parliamentary Management System 'SIAP' Michael Christoffel, Moritz Killat
Supporting Security in an Electronic Market System on the Base of Web Services