Latvijas saistību tiesības: mācības no Kopējā modeļa projekta (DCFR)

Latvian Law of Obligations: Useful Lessons from the DCFR | 250–257 | PDF

Aleksandrs Fillers, Dr. iur.
Rīgas Juridiskās Augstskolas docents, Latvijas Universitātes pasniedzējs

Atslēgvārdi: kopējā modeļa projekts, svarīga maldība, neuzdota lietvedība (negotiorum gestio), tiesības uz zaudējumu atlīdzināšanu

Keywords: DCFR, substantive error (mistake), benevolent intervention in another’s affairs (negotiorum gestio), right to reparation

The DCFR is one of the most important achievements of the modern academic thought in the area of private law. This document serves as a benchmark for assessing the quality of national legislation and offers model solutions for modernisation of national legislation. In this article, the author argues that the DCFR could be useful to show: 1) that the Latvian Civil Law cannot be understood to include a closed catalogue of contractual mistakes that lead to invalidity of contracts; and 2) that the person that intervenes into the affairs of another, in certain cases, must be able to claim reparation of damages from the principal. The Latvian Civil Law does not expressly provide for such a claim, but the DCFR should serve both as an argument to recognize its existence and as guidance on the prerequisites for that claim.