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Theoretical Insights and Parents’ Views about Family-School Collaboration for Character Education in Latvia

Svetlana Surikova, Manuel Joaquín Fernández González
Scientific Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Abstract. This article presents a mixed-method study aimed at identifying preconditions of effective family-school partnerships for implementing character education at school. The research questions were: ‘What do parents think about the existence and quality of family-school collaboration for character education in Latvian schools? Which are the most/least common family-school relationship models and strategies for promoting effective family-school partnerships to implement character education at school in Latvia?’ The theoretical background of the study provided a brief overview of existing theoretical (conceptual and processual) models of family-school relationships and parental involvement, and identified different strategies facilitating parental involvement and family-school collaboration in meaningful and effective ways. Parents’ viewpoints (N = 461) were collected in 2019-2020 from all five regions of Latvia through an online questionnaire containing closed and open questions. Most parents believed that collaboration with the school for character education was good and fairly regular. The most commonly used family-school relationship model for character education was the curriculum enrichment model, where teachers and parents enhance mutual communication for improving the curriculum and providing a more family-friendly school climate. The least common model was the protective model, where parents are perceived as non-partners and outsiders. Improving two-sided family-school communication was instrumental for promoting effective partnerships.

Keywords: character education, family-school relationship models, family-school partnership, parental involvement and engagement

Author Note
This work was supported by the postdoctoral project ‘Arete-school’ (European Regional Development Fund, Grant No and the research project ‘Human, technologies, and quality of education’ (University of Latvia, Grant No ZD2010/AZ22). 

In: Human, Technologies and Quality of Education, 2022. Proceedings of Scientific Papers = Cilvēks, tehnoloģijas un izglītības kvalitāte, 2022. Rakstu krājums
Riga, University of Latvia, 2022. 1135 p. Ed. L. Daniela
ISBN 978-9934-18-911-1