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Quality of Education in Latvian Municipalities and State Cities – Results of International Studies and State Examinations

Andrejs Geske, Rita Kiseļova, Olga Pole
University of Latvia

Abstract. In 2021 a new Law on Administrative Territories and Populated Areas came into force in the Republic of Latvia. To reduce fragmentation, the number of municipalities and State cities was reduced from 119 to 43. There were no changes in 11 local governments, however, other new structures were formed by merging two to eight local governments. On the one hand, these changes are creating new challenges in the education process and institution management, but on the other hand – larger local governments with larger numbers of schools and students opens up new opportunities. One of the opportunity is to make a more accurate assessment of student achievement, which characterizes the performance of a local government’s educational institutions. The aim of this article is to show that despite the great differences between local governments (e. g. population differences from 3 to 614 thousand) it is possible to assess the quality of education in local governments by using data from state examinations and international comparative education studies.
Over the last few years Latvia has taken part in IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement), ICCS (International Civic and Citizenship Education Study), PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study), and TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), as well as in OECD PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). To obtain the results the data were used from all mentioned studies. This article was supported by European Social Fund project No.

Keywords: achievement, state examinations, ICCS, IEA, OECD, PIRLS, PISA, TIMSS

Author Note
This article was supported by European Social Fund project “Participation in International Education Studies”, No.

In: Human, Technologies and Quality of Education, 2022. Proceedings of Scientific Papers = Cilvēks, tehnoloģijas un izglītības kvalitāte, 2022. Rakstu krājums
Riga, University of Latvia, 2022. 1135 p. Ed. L. Daniela
ISBN 978-9934-18-911-1