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Teachers’ Beliefs and Preferred Approaches to Address Self-Regulated Learning Development for Their Students

Inga Linde, Edīte Sarva, Linda Daniela
University of Latvia, Latvia

Abstract. The term “self-regulated learning” (SRL) has been introduced in the system of education in Latvia comparatively recently with the introduction of the new competency-based curriculum in 2016, therefore, the aim of the study is to explore teachers’ understanding and beliefs of the concept of self-regulated learning. Consequently, three research questions were posed: how teachers evaluate their SRL skills, what teachers understand by “self-regulated learning” and what teachers’ most commonly offered activities for developing students’ self-regulated learning skills are. The study consisted of several successive stages where the initial stage was to identify teachers’ understanding of SRL, surveyed at the introductory part of a year-long in-service teacher training course aimed at enhancing teachers’ proficiency in developing self-regulated learning skills in their students. The answers of 119 in-service teachers of grades 7–12 from all over Latvia were analysed according to the key words used to explain the concept of SRL. The data were used for planning teacher training courses and offering the most appropriate activities for elaborating teachers’ competence in developing students’ SRL skills. This article summarises the first results of the study reflecting teachers’ understanding of SRL. Further research results will be published in the following articles. The second part of the research analyses teachers’ offered activities for developing SRL skills at the online teacher experience exchange event attended by 344 teachers and reflects the results of the survey on teachers’ most commonly used activities for introducing self-regulated learning in the teaching process offered by 143 teacher professional development event attendees.

Keywords: self-regulated learning, professional development, in-service teacher training, experience exchange, teachers’ beliefs, teachers’ preferred approaches of SRL

In: Human, Technologies and Quality of Education, 2022. Proceedings of Scientific Papers = Cilvēks, tehnoloģijas un izglītības kvalitāte, 2022. Rakstu krājums
Riga, University of Latvia, 2022. 1135 p. Ed. L. Daniela
ISBN 978-9934-18-911-1