Orientālistika. 793. sējums

Oriental Studies. Volume 793
Between East and West: Cultural and Religious Dialogue before, during and after the Totalitarian Rule
PDF fails (7,5 MB) Jānis Priede
Richard Wilhelm between China and Europe: a Failed Missionary? Evgeny Arinin
Religion and Science in Russia: Religious Studies Elizabete Taivāne
Interpreting Religion: the Notion of the Sacred in Contemporary Religious Science in Russia Konstantinos Kornarakis
Bloggers in the Name of Christ: The Orthodox Faith in Network and “Private” Theologies in Greece Today II   BETWEEN EAST AND WEST: RELIGION AT THE CROSROADS OF BALTIC HISTORY Leons Taivans
Latvia: Culture as a New Religious Movement? Andris Priede
Forced Ecumenism under Soviet Regime in Latvia and Its Impact on the Collective Memory Irēna Saleniece
Religious Life in Latvia during the Period of Communist Totalitarianism: Individual Choices and Consequences Alfonsas Motuzas
The Origin of the Hill of Crosses, Devotional Practices and Music of the Pilgrimages Maija Grizane
Relationships between Old Believers and Orthodox Church Clergy in Dinaburg District at the Turn of the 19th Century Rolandas Kregždys
Ancient Baltic Religion: Evaluation of Archetypes Authenticity III   BETWEEN EAST AND WEST: NEW AND OLD RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS Saburo Morishita
Ritual Change in a Japanese New Religious Movement Joanna Urbańczyk
The Last Testament Church: A Preliminary Research Report Jānis Priede
Obsequium Christi Alberta Avogadro Karmela rēgulā IV   BETWEEN EAST AND WEST: BUDDISM AND ISLAM Lubos Belka
Dandaron Mandala: Unofficial Buryat Buddhist Sangha during the Soviet Era Lionel Obadia
“Near” East, “Far” East: Imagining and Accepting Islam and Buddhism in France Marju Broder
Vello Vaartnou: Nyingmapa from Estonia Marika Laudere
Latvijas budisma kopienu aktivitātes vērtējums Agita Baltgalve
Latvian Buddhist Centres and Teachings of Visiting Tibetan Masters (1991–2011) V   BETWEEN EAST AND WEST: TOWARDS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Rafal Smoczynski
Reducing Antagonism over Anti-New Religious Movements Moral Panics in Selected Countries in Central and Eastern Europe Alejandro Torres Gutiérrez
An Introduction to the History of Religious Freedom in Bulgaria Angel Hristov Kolev
The New Legislation on Religious Freedom in Bulgaria José Luis Llaquet de Entrambasaguas
The Novel Catalan Regulation of Cult Centres Viktar Adzinochanka
Religion in Post-Soviet Belarus