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Publishing of issue No. 12 is supported by Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns Law Office.

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Jānis Lazdiņš, University of Latvia

ISSN 1691-7677


Juridiskā zinātne Nr. 12 / Law No 12 (PDF)


Sanita Osipova. Foreword

Kalvis Torgāns. Contribution of Faculty of Law, University of Latvia, to Science, State, and Nation

Irene Kull, Laura Kask. Electronic Signature Under the eIDAS Regulation in Domestic and Cross-Border Communication: Estonian Example

Ārija Meikališa, Kristīne Strada-Rozenberga. Impact of Directives of European Parliament and of Council on Development of Latvian Criminal Procedure Law: General Overview and Procedural Protection of Victims with Specific Protection Needs

Anna Rytel-Warzocha, Andrzej Szmyt. Current Constitutional Changes in Poland Against the Background of Polish Political and Legal Traditions

Jānis Lazdiņš, Kārlis Ketners. Avoidance of Double Taxation in the Area of Income Tax in Latvia

Thomas Schmitz. Political Parties and Their Funding in Germany

Sanita Osipova. “The Political Platform of the Latvian People’s Council” of 17 November 1918 as the Founder of the Gender Equality Tradition in Latvia Within the Discourse of European Ideas on Gender Equality

Jautrīte Briede. Content and Application of Duty of Care Principle in the Field of Administrative Law in Latvia

Jānis Rozenfelds. Collateral in Public Register as a Security of Private Debt

Kaspars Balodis, Arta Snipe. Origins of Separated Ownership and Possible Solutions for Unifying Thereof

Silvia Kaugia. Legislative Intent of Act in Estonia

Edvīns Danovskis. Implementation of the Concept of ‘Public Assets’ in the Latvian Legal System

Lauris Rasnačs. Regimes of Liability for Damages Caused by Abnormally Dangerous Activities